Item No. Fabric Composition Construction Width Weight  Stock Colors Qty Unit Pricem - for woven/kg for knitted) (FOB) USD Pantone No.
MKF-101  18N Hemp Summer 100% Hemp 18x18/45x42 167cm 6.5 oz. Semi Bleached 19.2m/5.6kg US$7.00
MKF-109 11s hemp/organic cotton canvas 55% hemp 45% organic cotton 11s/2x7/41x30 146cm 8.5 oz. Greige 16m/6.2kg US$7.20
MKF-106 hemp/silk plain 51% hemp  49% silk 60N/2x32N/58x70 158cm Beige 6.7m US$12.00
MKF-121 32s hemp/organic cotton terry 55% hemp 45% organic cotton 200cm 365g Black 1# 6.3kg US$9.60 19-4007 TPX
Black 2# 10.2kg
Black 3# 18kg
Black 4# 18.6kg
Black 6# 16.9kg
MKF-122 21s hemp/organic cotton jersey 55% hemp 45% organic cotton 185cm 260g Semi bleached 2# 2.7kg US$9.60
Semi bleached 3# 13.7kg
Semi bleached 4# 0.4kg/1m
MKF-123 hemp/organic cotton spandex 1x1 rib 95% hemp/organic cotton 5% spandex 86x2cm circle greige(pre washed)1# 22.4kg
greige(pre washed)2# 8.7kg
MKF-203 14s organic linen plain 100% organic linen 14x14/50x54 137cm 167g Blue Nights 17m/3.8kg US$6.50 19-4023TPX
139cm lilac 27.8m/6.3kg 12-2904TPX
151cm lt. grey 43.5m/12.1kg
137cm Sand 1# 54.8m/12.5kg 15-1306 TPX
Sand 2# 46m/10.5kg
Sand 3# 20m/4.8kg
Sand 4# 46m/10.5kg
Sand 6# 61.5m
135cm Off White 60m/13.6kg 12-0806TPX
148cm dew retting 23.6m/6.5kg
MKF-291 9s organic linen plain 100% organic linen 9x9/42x43 137cm 200 Sand 5# 48.2m/11kg US$6.50
Semi Bleached 186.4m
MKF-313 bamboo plain 100% natural bamboo  144cm 128g White 7.8m US$9.20
Khaki 19m
MKF315 bamboo twill 100% natural bamboo  168cm 200g dk. gray 12.5m US$9.80
MKF-319 bamboo interlock 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton 190cm 220g Bleached 1# 9.45kg US$8.60
Bleached 2# 4.95kg
Bleached 3# 1.35kg
Bleached 4# 7.25kg
Bleached 5# 9.8kg
Bleached 6# 6.9kg
MKF-320 bamboo rib 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton 200g Bleached 1# 3.7kg US$8.60
Bleached 2# 9.4kg
MKF-511 32s organic cotton terry 100% organic cotton 180cm 380g coral 6.3kg US$9.00 15-1626 TPX
183cm 360g Off White 4.95kg 12-0804TPX
180cm 375g camel 1# 8kg 17-0808 TPX
camel 2# 2.8kg
Baby Blue 3.45kg 13-4103  TPX
MKF-516 21s organic cotton jersey 100% organic cotton 165cm 155g Candy 4.2kg US$8.30 14-2311 TPX
172cm 180g Semi Bleached 3.9kg
176cm Bredon Stripes 12.75kg
150cm Lt. Blue 1# 5.65kg 12-4609  TPX
Lt. Blue 2# 4.2kg
Lt. Blue 3# 10kg
+ 170cm Floral Print 1# 1.8kg/5.7m
Floral Print 2# 6.5kg
Floral Print 3# 19.8kg
Bambo Print 1# 19.8kg
Bambo Print 2# 18.6kg
180cm Koi Print 1# 2.3kg/7m
Koi Print 1# 25kg
155cm 155g Pearl Pink 10.4kg 12-1605 TPX
148cm Lt pink 13.25kg
82x2 circle Greige 19.1kg US$7.90
MKF-520 organic cotton rib 100% organic cotton 37x2cm  Circle 190g Bleached 1# 1kg US$7.50
69x2cm circle Beige 1# 2.2kg 12-0605 TPX
Beige 2# 0.5kg/1.64m
75x2cm Circle Mint 2.65kg  17-5936 TPX
72x2cm  Circle Pink 1.15kg 16-1723 TPX
160cm Blue Stripes 11.95kg
30x2cm  Circle Voilet Blue 1# 2.1kg 17-3924 TPX
Voilet Blue 2# 1.3kg
74x2cm  Circle Lt. Brown 1.9kg 17-1321 TPX
29x2cm  Circle Baby Blue 1# 3.95kg 13-4103  TPX
Baby Blue 2# 1.55kg
45x2cm  Circle Lt. Pink 1# 3.1kg 13-1904 TPX
45x2cm  Circle Lt. pink 2# 1.15kg/6.15m
45x2cm  Circle Lt. Blue 1# 2kg 12-4609  TPX
Lt. Blue 2# 3.15kg
31x2cm  Circle Iron 1# 3.2kg 19-4220 TPX
Iron 2# 4.4kg
57x2cm  Circle Dutch Blue 2.6kg 18-3928 TPX
31x2cm  Circle Deep Blue 1.2kg 19-4342 TPX
44x2cm  Circle Peacock 3.6kg 18-4834TPX
74x2cm  Circle Blue 1.85kg 13-4308 TPX
44x2cm  Circle Lake 2# 0.9kg/4.5m 15-4720 TPX
39x2cm  Circle Sky 2kg 15-3920 TPX
30x2cm  Circle Candy 0.6kg/5.1m
76x2cm  Circle Black 3.2kg 19-4007 TPX
74x2cm  Circle Bleached 1# 7.9kg
Bleached 2# 1.35kg/3.8m
72x2cm  Circle Greige 1# 4.6kg
Greige 2# 18.5kg
Bleached 3# 7.3kg
MKF-542 organic cotton/spandex 1x1 rib 95/5 organic cotton/spandex 40x2cm Circle 190g Bleached 4.15kg US$7.50
44x2cm Circle Black 1.1kg/4.5m 19-4007 TPX
44x2cm Circle Navy 0.75kg 19-3939 TPX
MKF-521 21s organic cotton/spandex 2x2 rib 95/5 organic cotton/spandex 38x2  Circle 330g Coral 4.25kg US$5.00 15-1626 TPX
40x2cm  Circle Beige 1# 3kg 12-0605 TPX
Beige 2# 2.4kg
40x2cm  Circle Bleached 2# 1.65kg
Bleached 3# 1.6kg
41x2cm  Circle Tea Rose 2.7kg 18-1756 TPX
40x2cm  Circle Smoke Blue 1# 7kg 16-4519 TPX
37x2cm  Circle Smoke Blue 2# 1kg/2.5m
38x2  Circle Fog 1# 3.9kg 18-4105 TPX
Fog 2# 2.1kg
Fog 3# 1kg/3.6m
38x2  Circle Choc 0.95kg/3.8m 19-1118 TPX
37x2cm  Circle lt. Khaki 1.7kg 16-0518  TPX
57x2cm  Circle navy 6.85kg
MKF-527 32s organic cotton interlock 100% organic cotton 165cm 230g Off White 1# 3.9kg US$8.30  11-0107  TPX
Off White 2# 2.2kg/5.5m
160cm Fushia 5.8kg 18-2436  TPX
142cm Bleached 1.5kg/4.6m
190cm 230g Bleached 1# 3.6kg
Bleached 2# 3.2kg
Bleached 3# 7kg
176cm 230g Semi Bleached 1.45kg/3.6m
MKF-528 26s organic cotton pique 100% organic cotton 208cm 180g Navy 1# 27.8kg US$8.30 19-3939 TPX
navy 2# 15.7kg
MKF-533 30s organic cotton/spandex 2x2 rib 95/5 organic cotton/spandex 40x2cm  Circle 250g Pearl 3# 2.25kg US$5.00  11-0107  TPX
34x2cm  Circle Pearl 1# 4.1kg
Pearl 2# 3.1kg
33x2cm  Circle French Blue 1# 1.65kg 18-4432  TPX
French Blue 2# 2.8kg
33x2cm  Circle Lt. Blue 1# 5.35kg 12-4609  TPX
Lt. Blue 2# 0.7kg
Lt. Blue 3# 4.9kg
Lt. Blue 4# 3.1m
41x2cm  Circle Teal 0.95kg  13-6108  TPX
40x2cm  Circle cobalt 4.7kg 17-4027  TPX
40x2cm  Circle lt. Khaki 4.25kg
33x2  Circle Berry 1# 1.05kg 18-1760 TPX
Berry 2# 3.45kg
Berry 3# 4.3kg
33x2cm  Circle Deep Blue 1# 4.3kg 19-4342 TPX
Deep Blue 2# 2.6kg
33x2cm  Circle X'mas Red 1# 4.2kg
34x2cm  Circle X'mas Red 2# 2.5kg
44x2cm  Circle walnut 1# 2.25kg 18-1112 TPX
walnut 2# 0.75kg/3.2m
41x2cm  Circle Blueish 4.3kg 15-4008 TPX
32x2cm  Circle Baby Pink 1# 1.5kg 12-1305  TPX
Baby Pink 2# 7.6kg
43x2cm  Circle Peach 1.85kg 14-1228  TPX
33x2cm  Circle PearlPink 4.8kg
38x2  Circle Greige 13.8kg
1. the prices are based on USD1 = RMB 6.3, will give you exact price according to the exchange rate at the time of placing an order
4. the prices are FOB Qingdao